Why kids should learn Javascript (JS)?

Javascript has rapidly emerged as a “must-learn” for young developers & professionals.

Top three reasons you need to learn JS NOW!

  1. Reach: Billions of global users use JS apps every day. Why? It is natively supported in all popular web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, Safari, etc.). For this reason, it has been the most commonly used programming language in Stack Overflow’s Developer Survey for six years in a row. 

Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 10.45.54 AM

     2. Rich Functionality: 

JavaScript is a flexible and powerful programming language. Along with HTML (content) and CSS (styling), it serves as a  core component for web technology. JavaScript provides sleek interactivity to web pages (buttons, web components, forms as only a few examples). JS can also be used for user interfaces as well as server-side scripting. This means a developer can incorporate business logic into her web app (for example: security validation, connecting with databases). This makes web-based programs look, feel and behave like native desktop or mobile applications. Google with Gmail and Google Maps, was a pioneer and trendsetter in this area of utilizing JS. Since then, the language has grown up and is now capable of being integrated with multiple other languages and is widely used everywhere from startups to enterprises (e.g. Slack, Skype, NASA and more…).

  1. Bright Future: 

JS has single handedly reduced the gap between web, desktop, and mobile functionality. Today we can stuff the entire world into the browser. It is no surprise that modern platforms like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, use JS extensively as a core language. As an added bonus, students and professionals who know JS are versatile and can apply their skills for front-end (UI) and back-end (server) programming. JavaScript is also rapidly expanding into innovative areas like cloud, virtual reality, gaming, IoT (Internet-of-things). One can only guess what the future holds for this promising and rapidly expanding language.

At Techlab, we are excited to launch our newJavascript class using our unique approach of learning concepts through hands-on games and projects, and nurturing curiosity and innovation. 

Students with some or no programming experience, will benefit a lot from learning Javascript as a foundation for projects in web/mobile/cloud apps, for competing in hackathons, and as prep for engineering/CS in college. 

And as Javascript creator, Brendan Eich, says, “Always bet on Javascript.”

New Physics Class taught by MIT PhD

This is a guest blog by Rahul Jayaraman. We are excited to have Rahul join us at Techlab this summer to teach Physics to our students. Read why Physics is critical for school kids & Techlab’s computational approach to Physics.

As a physics and computer science concentrator at Brown and an incoming physics PhD student at MIT, you could say that I live, breathe, and die physics. But why? Why is physics important?

Image result for physics and computer science


It’s important to note that literally everything in the world happens because of physics. Your body functioning, your ability to read these words on a screen – everything’s because of quantum mechanics.


The best part about physics is that it also lends itself to being clearly visible – we can do experiments that clearly demonstrate fundamental principles of physics.

However, in 2019, with so, so much advanced technology appearing on the horizon, doing experiments with physics is rather passé. Everything now is about the simulation, the programming, the in silico aspect of physics. We might not be able to observe the diffusion of molecules through a barrier, but we can simulate it to see what we’d expect. We might not be able to experiment with astrophysical events (we can’t create and cause two black holes to merge!), but we can simulate what we’d expect based on their masses and rotational speeds.

This paradigm shift suggests that we need new methods of physics pedagogy. At TechLab, where we strive to connect everything with the coding and computer science aspect of things, we are uniquely positioned to teach physics in this unique format. By tying physics to computer science, we will help your children get ahead of the game — we will combine physics learning with pen and paper and hands-on projects and TechLab students will also know how to attack such problems computationally.


Python is the language kids should learn

I often get asked why Python is a popular starter coding language for kids. Here are my top 3,

  • Python has an intuitive syntax which is easy to pick up for logical thinking and problem solving for beginners
  • Has an interpretive run-time to see results & debug/iterate easily (critical skills for first time programmers)
  • Great foundation for advanced learning in diverse fields (1000s of python packages and libraries for different needs and in all industries are freely available).


It’s no surprise, most technology leaders like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, NASA, and many others use Python. Popular AI and machine learning frameworks like Tensorflow, Microsoft AI, Keras (open source) use python. No surprise python is fast becoming the world’s most popular programming language (see the chart from the economist.com)



Techlab’s approach to teaching Python

We’ve developed a unique curriculum to motivate and stimulate active learning for middle and high schoolers. The curriculum 

  • Teaches fundamentals like variables, data types, loops, conditionals 
  • Stimulates learning and debugging using visual cues
  • Progresses learning with well paced hands-on project challenges which are fun

Here’s what our young learners are saying ..

The awesome visuals I created in the class kept me hooked on to python” Entering middle-schooler, San Jose

“My instructor rocked, she kept it fun and motivating even though I had never done coding before in any language” Beginner high school freshman, Los Gatos

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Mobile Security: Why Kids should care?

We were very excited and fortunate to host Dave Kleidermacher, Google VP Of Engineering and Head of Android Security, for our Techlab Inspire Speaker Series.

Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 8.41.44 PM

  • Dave spoke about his passion for building technology in mission critical systems including aviation and his current role, working along with a great global team, to secure 3.5 Billion Android endpoints a day
  • He spoke about the best security being un-obstrusive and building “Defense-in-depth” by creating strongly isolated components (like moats in a castle). Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 8.32.17 PMThere was a lively discussion about biometrics and how its shaping next wave to secure phones and how “2-factor” authentication is quickly becoming a must-have
  • Security need not be only protection, features like “Find my Phone” can help users locate misplaced or stolen assets. Some valuable advice on using messaging and social media carefully to make sure messages do not contain personal or sensitive information. Dave’s comment “Assume everything you post is public” was right on the mark.
  • Dave concluded w invaluable advice for the kids and our future “changemakers”. Find passion in work, not lose focus of EQ (being helpful, enthusiastic, open-minded, calm) and believing in one’s strengths and to pursue dreams and always remembering to share.
Thank you Dave, for sharing with the techlab community and spending time with us.
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Getting Ready for Summer 2019

TechLab Education launches Summer 2019 after successful Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 sessions. We are excited to be offering lots of fun and engaging camps, with a focus on nurturing the next generation of makers, coders, and designers in the community.

We are thankful to our techlab community for their continued trust and support as we had a record number of students attend our classes in 2018.

We are getting ready for summer 2019! Enroll now.


Our Launch Press Release from Summer 2018

Saratoga, CA, April 25, 2018

Today, TechLab Education launched the 2018 season dedicated to learning and exploring for kids in the Saratoga, Los Gatos, Cupertino and South Bay community. The summer sessions provide easy learning paths for kids (ages 8-15) who want to explore and/or enhance their programming, maker skills and introducing them to the latest in 3D printing, game development, and machine learning.

“We are excited about bringing our passion for education and decades of professional and research experience from some of the best places to work like YouTube, Google, Intel and Pixar to the Techlab experience”, said Shalini Govil-Pai.

“As an engineer and entrepreneur, I have seen how critical it is for kids to learn basic and advanced skills in a classroom environment to thrive and grow individually as well as grow with a team. Our son has benefited through several Techlab programs and this gives us the opportunity to share back with our community,” said Raj Pai.

“In our 5 years of running Techlab, we have seen the excitement among kids to learn from experienced coders and creators in a hands-on environment, to hack, break, and build wonderful projects.” said Keshav Saharia, co-founder of TechLab.

To enroll, enroll in classes.

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Why Girls Only Classes?

Our Motivation

For me, succeeding as a woman in technology has been a personal journey.
I always enjoyed programming and was lucky to have a supportive environment around me which encouraged me to build and explore.

Coding inspired me every day, thinking about how I could use computers to make lives better. With my own daughter and her friends, I have worked to provide a similar environment. Helping them in many ways, including launching a WISTEM club in school and supporting the club in their mission to spread the confidence through out our community.

With TechLab we hope to create a nurturing environment that enables our girls to enjoy technology and know they are supported in achieving their dreams, whatever they may be.

Shalini GovilPai