Python is the language kids should learn

I often get asked why Python is a popular starter coding language for kids. Here are my top 3,

  • Python has an intuitive syntax which is easy to pick up for logical thinking and problem solving for beginners
  • Has an interpretive run-time to see results & debug/iterate easily (critical skills for first time programmers)
  • Great foundation for advanced learning in diverse fields (1000s of python packages and libraries for different needs and in all industries are freely available).


It’s no surprise, most technology leaders like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, NASA, and many others use Python. Popular AI and machine learning frameworks like Tensorflow, Microsoft AI, Keras (open source) use python. No surprise python is fast becoming the world’s most popular programming language (see the chart from the



Techlab’s approach to teaching Python

We’ve developed a unique curriculum to motivate and stimulate active learning for middle and high schoolers. The curriculum 

  • Teaches fundamentals like variables, data types, loops, conditionals 
  • Stimulates learning and debugging using visual cues
  • Progresses learning with well paced hands-on project challenges which are fun

Here’s what our young learners are saying ..

The awesome visuals I created in the class kept me hooked on to python” Entering middle-schooler, San Jose

“My instructor rocked, she kept it fun and motivating even though I had never done coding before in any language” Beginner high school freshman, Los Gatos

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